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Asset tracking & management solution.
Greater Control over Critical Assets – Enforce Asset Policy


Aviation is a high asset-oriented operations industry. Apart from people, airports and airlines operate on various types of assets. Assets as basic as a laptop, IP phone, conference desk to safety equipment’s, maintenance tools and so on are critical for its everyday operation.

EnTrackAsset is a comprehensive all encompassed tracking solution to uniquely identify and track assets through the life cycle from procurement to disposal, ensuring availability and accountability at all times. The hybrid system is compatible with multiple Auto-ID technologies to provide required asset visibility and control over the asset to enforce organizational asset policy.”



EnTrackAsset Features

  • System Configuration: Organization, Category /Location hierarchy, Users/ Roles creation,
  • Asset Transaction: GRN, Location, Custodian, Stock audit, Service maintenance, Insurance, and Warranty details recording
  • Handheld Operations: Tag assigning, Asset Query, Physical verification task, Write Off/Retire, Service maintenance
  • Visibility & Alerts: Dashboard graphs, Insurance, Service, Warranty expiry alerts, etc.
  • Reports by Asset list, location/ category distribution, Physical verification Task (Found, Missing, Misplaced), etc.
  • Integration with ERP/ EAM systems
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