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Digitize Air Cargo Handling Operations

Automated Scanning Station

Security & Customs

Digitized security and custom screening process

Automated capture of shipment details (AWB, Piece ID), X-ray Image, Physical Image, Operators Credentials with Time-stamp

Centralized source of information, enabling

. Investigation process

. Regulatory compliance

. Centralized screening process adoption


Automated weight and dimension capture

Automated scanning station mounted on the screening conveyer line capture Weight & Dimensions along with the AWB/ Piece ID to enable

. Accurate billing and revenue capture

. Enhanced operational efficiency

Warehouse Process Monitoring

Pallet Storage / Location Identification

  • Auto-ID and IOT compatible - Barcode, RFID, BLE, IOT tags

Task Allocation

  • Allocate, Monitor Progress Status – Accepted, Initiated & Complete

Build-up Process

  • Ensure on-time shipment build-up as per flight plan
  • Optimize pallet loading as per pallet type specification

PCHS Storage/ Retrieval

  • Track built-up pallet/ULDs movement to PCHS in-feed lanes
  • Track pallet/ULDs movement from PCHS to breakdown station

Breakdown Process

  • Associate AWB (shipment information) to warehouse pallet
  • Confirmation of pallet ready for storage, direct delivery, quaratine, inspection etc.,

Warehouse Material Handling Equipment Tracking and Monitoring

Real-time and historical insights into equipment operation

Equipment traffic data – speed, distance, utilization, heatmaps

Equipment optimization and warehouse utilization

Smart alerts for increased safety

Anti-collision safety feature

Access Control for operator authentication

Non-Powered GSE Tracking and Occupancy Monitoring

Dolly Occupancy Monitoring and Tracking

Know Dolly Realtime Location

Occupancy Status


Monitor Flight Service Standard

Cargo Condition Monitoring

  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Real-time alerts
  • Respond to deviation to meet customers’ expectations
  • Cargo journey reports for data-driven Improvements

EnTrackCargo Benefits

Digitalization of the Processes

Improve Operational Efficiency

Arrests Revenue Leakages

Operational Safety Enhancement

Unified repository of Screening record

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