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GSE Fleet Management-EnTrackGSE

GSE Fleet Management System & GSE Fleet Tracking System
Enhanced Control over Mission Critical Ground Support Equipment in Airport


Why GSE Fleet Management and GSE Fleet Tracking System-EnTrackGSE?


No longer do you have to get a generic tracking system or fleet management system and then customize it to suit the highly niche airport operational environment and the GSE Fleet.

We understand your operations and processes; we know the role of the pushback tractor, lower deck loader, conveyor belt, dollies, baggage carts or catering hi-loader in your process flow and the impact of any event that comprises the service standard. It is this level of understanding which has ensured that our EnTrackGSE system is capable of addressing your niche requirements – i.e. the airport environment specifics. Our aim is to ensure that your objective of SAFE ON TIME PERFORMANCE – Safe OTP is met.

THE GSE FLEET MANAGEMENT AND GSE FLEET TRACKING SYSTEM-EnTrackGSE can be implemented on powered & non-powered GSE, catering equipment, passenger coaches/buses, support vehicles – cars, pickups etc. EnTrackGSE contributes directly to increased GSE, Catering equipment and other asset availability & productivity, lower total cost of ownership, extended asset life cycle & warranties, enhanced safety & security and environmental benefits.

By fully & seamlessly integrating to other operational systems (like RMS, RTC, CMMS, FIDS etc), we enable various users to monitor and control their mobile equipment related processes from a single screen, specific to their individual role.


GSE Fleet Management-EnTrackGSE- Features

  • GSE Fleet Management System & GSE Fleet Tracking system – Tracking and telemetry (IOT) enabled solution – GSE Fleet Tracking & GSE Fleet Management deployed on powered and non-powered GSE, catering equipment, passenger coaches/buses, support service vehicles & other mobile assets in the airport.
  • Enables optimization of aircraft turnaround and GSE maintenance operations and creates long term improvement opportunities for key stakeholders – Safety, Training, Commercial & Finance.
  • Graphical representation of the individual GSE used for aircraft handling processes on the airport map in real time while also enabling historical data analysis.
  • Condition Monitoring & Utilization – real-time information about the condition of individual ground support equipment and utilization in engine hours and/or mileage.
  • Trend Analysis Reports – on fuel consumption, odometer readings, engine temperature etc by reading data from systems on-board GSE.
  • 100% Billing – Electronically capture billing data for ad hoc services outside the standard SLA.
  • Safety & Compliance:
    * AutoID compatible access control with multiple form factors,
    * Facilitates pre & post operation checks,
    * Geo Fencing based on business rules.
    * Monitor & report droving behaviour,
    * Monitor the use of safety systems on GSE.
  • Proactive refuelling – by real time fuel level monitoring to avoid out of fuel condition.
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