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WIP Visibility and Analytics.

Real-time Project Visibility and Optimized Service Turnaround.



EnTrackMRO is a comprehensive Work-in-Progress Tracking System designed and developed for aircraft engine service companies and MROs for faster service turnaround and management. Enabling process mapping and workflow creation, ensures physical tracking of material, resources in a day to day operations and provides real-time progress visibility to the executive management in dashboards. EnTrackMRO also enables the capability to manage the exceptions by automatically sending alerts to maximize the efficiency, reduce lag time for missing tools or parts and optimize turnaround time.

EnTrackMRO Features

  • Parts Master Information related to Parts of the organization
  • Workflow definition Dynamic workflows to map with workflows defined in ERP for a Job card or Work Order
  • Check-In & Check-Out of Part or Task defined in the workflow. Check-In/Out against Item or Check – In/Out for the employee or Check- In/Out for a work order.
  • Inspection and approvals of Parts/Items at various stages of workflows.
  • Inventory Master Maintains inventory of taggable & Non-taggable items and material to support building the final product or servicing a part in the facility.
  • Machine Analytics to generate desired dashboards, send alerts and notifications to the right person at the right time
  • Integration with existing MRO/ERPS
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