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EnTrack Productivity Enhancement and Execution Platform

For Aviation & Defense Production and Maintenance
To Visualize and Optimize Execution


EnTrack Platform focuses on Productivity Enhancement & Execution with Cost-Out and Profit-In as its mainstay while addressing all the operational elements to improve the Working Capital and Operating Cycle scenarios.

The Platform delivers a single pane view of measurable productivity parameters in Intuitive & insightful dashboards.

The automated data capture mechanism built in the platform captures the actual task execution in real-time enabling data corroboration between the planned vs actuals, facilitating a data-driven collaboration across all stakeholders, integrating people, process, and systems to improve shop loading efficiency, utilization, and throughput.

EnTrack platform compliments any existing ERP/M&E system that the customer has in place already.

EnTrack Platform Modules


EnTrack Platform Features

          Real-time Visibility of all Measurable Productivity Parameters

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