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Passenger Guidance & Monitoring – Greater Security – Optimal Productivity


Airports are a place which operates in high-intensity crowd conditions. From passengers, airline staff to contractors, people are the core aspect of airports and airlines. Keeping track of the location of a specific person is becoming critically important for the airports. It could be a service engineer allocated for aircraft or a ground handling person clearing bags at an unloading belt or a specific passenger in the departure hall. Many times, unavailability of required people at required locations leads to chaos, ambiguity, delayed departures and loss in productivity.

EnTrackPeople provides a platform for the different type of tracking requirements on the airport, from short range people identification to real-time people identification with Auto-ID technologies.

EnTrackPeople Features

  • Real-time people identification
  • Geofencing based on access defined
  • Notifications and alerts for unauthorized movements
  • Data analytics, predictive analysis
  • One platform for tracking different types of stakeholders – employees, passengers, contractors, unaccompanied minors
  • Integration with video analytics
  • Integration with ERP, HRMS systems
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