HometrackitGSE Operations simplified with EnTrackGSE: GSE Fleet Management

GSE Operations simplified with EnTrackGSE: GSE Fleet Management

EnTrackGSE is the GSE monitoring solution that you were waiting for!
A gamut of services is required when an aircraft is on ground to ensure that all activities and processes are completed in time for a safe turnaround. Multiple resources are required to ensure the completion of the turnaround processes. A GSE fleet is a vital cog in the turnaround wheel. The GSE fleet supports a number of discrete tasks; few such tasks include de-boarding & boarding of passengers, off-loading & loading of baggage & cargo, passenger transportation between aircraft & terminal, various technical services for aircraft and aircraft pushback. All these tasks are provided by different GSE types or categories.

Essentially, the provision of the right resources to handle the turnaround, deployed at the right time and completing the tasks in a safe, efficient & timely manner, is the key to ensuring that ground time is kept to a minimum, thus meeting the needs of all stakeholders – the passengers who do not face delays, the airlines who have their aircraft in the air and not on the ground, the ground handler who meets the SLA with the airlines and the airport authorities who manage the overall process.

Historically, ground handling companies operate on narrow margins, requires capital intensive GSE, is man-power driven and in todays’ competitive environment faces the challenge of meeting the increasing expectations of the airline at reduced cost. A recent report (April 2017 by Allied Market Research Group) forecasts that the Global GSE Market could grow to $ 24 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 10.3% (2017-2023).

Clearly, sustaining such a business model calls for innovative solutions to manage all the processes in an efficient, productive and cost-effective manner. This calls for agile single source platform – integrated smart systems and automated, that can monitor all processes reliant on GSE deployment. And, this is where EnTrackGSE comes in.

EnTrackGSE: GSE Monitoring Made Simple

EnTrackGSE is a GSE fleet management software that is fully integrated into the various processes that require the services of GSE. The result is that it offers comprehensive solutions to the challenges faced by the GSEs. Some of the industry leading first features of EnTrackGSE are:

Real-Time Tracking: Real-time tracking from EnTrackGSE provides tracking of powered and non-powered GSE using state of the art tracking solutions, made even more powerful with the use of IoT integration.

Multi-process monitoring: EnTrackGSE helps to monitor every single process with high accuracy while providing tools to increase the overall efficiency of the team. In the aviation world, this higher efficiency translates to better turnaround time.

Pro-active Maintenance: EnTrackGSE captures the utilization of GSE (engine hours and/or mileage) which then allows transition to utilization-based maintenance regime in lieu of calendar basis. This, in turn, optimizes maintenance costs while improving the reliability of the GSE.

Condition monitoring: Reliability of GSE is imperative to ensure uninterrupted turnaround process and resource availability. EnTrackGSE provides real-time condition monitoring that detects potential faults to initiate maintenance action before a disruption occurs.

Trend Analysis: The metrics associated with the GSE such as fuel consumption, odometer readings, engine hours, etc. are very important to track the performance and overall health of the equipment. EnTrackGSE collects the important data and relays it back to the team for review.

Proactive refueling: Refueling the GSE at the right intervals saves a lot of time compared to last-minute refuels that often cause very lengthy delays or fuel starvation scenarios. With proactive refueling made possible by active fuel level monitoring, the efficiency of the refueling process is significantly enhanced.

These are some of the most impressive features among many others that are brought live with EnTrackGSE.

Why EnTrackGSE Is a Necessity in Modern Airports

The multiple tangible and intangible benefits offered by EnTrackGSE makes it the right choice for ground handlers and other airport stakeholders worldwide. With the capability to seamlessly integrate with other operating systems it offers a Day of Operations Tool and inputs for effective Decision Support Systems.

EnTrackGSE is more than just a monitoring system for overseeing GSE operations, it is engineered to rise up to the challenges that have held back the industry for years.

With the increasing demands placed on ground handlers and airports by the airlines, the need of the hour is a way to do more with less in a safe and efficient manner. To effectively manage the operations of the ground, stakeholders within the airport need an all-encompassing monitoring system capable of supporting the operations involving the use of powered & non-powered ground support equipment, catering equipment, passenger coaches/buses, support vehicles and other mobile assets.>/p>

EnTrackGSE checks all these boxes since it is designed for airports with the objective of helping stakeholders to meet their challenges head-on. The system is intuitive, easy to use and scale based on the requirements of the airports.

A True Solution Created with Airports in Mind

EnTrackGSE is developed after extensive research and collecting inputs from many functional experts which helped to identify the pain points within the current processes which ultimately affected flight times, revenue and customer satisfaction

Having a monitoring system that provides real-time data on various fronts helps the operations team to plan better, act faster and makes their job that much easier. With the forecasted growth in the GSE market, a solution such as EnTrackGSE is inevitable for their future sustainability.

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