How baggage tracking in airports enhance security, increase revenue and passenger experience.

Passengers are at the heart of the airport, all concerned stakeholder in the airport strive to deliver seamless passenger experience. This is lot easier said than done with the steady growth in air traffic. Global air traffic passenger demand is projected to grow at 6%. On a global scale, passenger air travel is expected to maintain positive growth rates up to 2030, leading to substantial increase in baggage despite a number of challenges faced by the airports.

Passengers are often weary after a flight and, in a hurry, to get back home. Airports, Airlines, Ground handling teams and all other stakeholders in the journey work together and do their part to ensure passengers and their belongings reach the destination on time. Modern airports, continuously strive to speed disembarked passengers through immigration, handbag screening, and customs, without compromising on security and duty revenue opportunity.

Every country has a list of items that are out right restricted from entering the country or dutiable, ranging from weapons, banned drugs, electronics, luxury items that impact safety & security, image and revenue loss to the airport and country. Most airports today have sophisticated modern baggage and passenger screening systems assisting customs, Air-marshals or airport security personnel.

Although airports are equipped to screen checked-In bags in the arrival terminal, the present screening system is inadequate in visibility of the suspect bag movement in airport terminal and data Intelligence at customs checkpoints. Human screening at customs exit is not error-free, also random screening and interrupted movement flow impacts passenger experience.

EnTrackBag adoption in Airports

This visibility gap is now being addressed by a growing number of airports with the adoption of EnTrackBag: Suspect bag tracking system & IATA 753 Compliance. Over the years, major airports have relied on EnTrackBag to process 250 million bags at the arrival terminal to seamlessly track over 10 Million+ suspected bags to enhance security, increase customs revenue and delivery passenger experience with faster bag throughput at exit.

Compared to the traditional methods of scanning, EnTrackBag is a robust solution, unobtrusive and unsuspecting at the same time. The system uniquely identifies the bags suspected with unobtrusive marking, monitor bag movement in the arrival hall. The EnTrackBag Customs Gate at exit, notifies customs with contraband linked graded alerts, to minimize the need for random screening and interruption of movement to enhance the passenger experience. Also, customs can access physical bag image and scanned X-RAY image to know which bag to screen at exit and what to look for in the bag even before opening it. The system can also be extended to support IATA 753 compliance to keep the passenger informed of their bag status to improve travel experience.

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