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What visibility means for Aviation Engine Service MRO?

Modern aircraft is one of the most complex machines ever created. The Airbus A380 for instance is composed of over a million parts. Companies involved in the Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) of aircraft engines cannot afford to keep stock of too many components as buffer, for obvious reasons. Aircrafts undergo periodical checks such as A & C checks and delay in component availability will lead the aircraft to be grounded for a longer duration than necessary.

The engine maintenance schedule involves a series of tasks such as Engine dis-assembly, inspection and cleaning, reconditioning and repair of crankcase, crankshaft, connecting rods etc. MRO companies have to adhere to stringent quality control measures regarding engine performance, efficiency, engine smoothness and protection. The fuel injection systems, cylinders, turbo chargers and valves and propellers are some important engine components that require proper servicing and overhaul. Any problem in fuel line should be replaced and not just repaired. Aircraft engine maintenance involves the safety of the passengers and crew concerned and therefore, no aspect of the maintenance schedule or component servicing can be taken lightly

Challenges in Aviation MRO

Despite growth, airlines are plagued by profitability concerns and are in constant look out for plugging loopholes that mar operational efficiency.  The pressure is being felt on MRO companies.  For them, ensuring quick turnaround time for the aircraft gets precedence.  However, this is easier said than done.  Prolonged downtime could affect operational efficiency while lacunae in maintenance is endangering.

For MRO’s, managing the workflow is another important factor. The workflow should follow an interdependent sequence. Disorganized inventory process, unavailability of parts, spares, tools, resource will delay operations and prove expensive at the same time. Likewise, lack of real-time and historic data lead to poor planning and forecast, which may result in poor estimation of inventory, service turnaround, capability building and output capacity, which eventually leads to dissatisfied clients and revenue loss.

Visibility with EnTrackMRO

Aviation MRO’s aim to continuously improve service quality and predictability. Constantly innovating and adopting new technologies, process models for better planning and operations to achieve this goal.

For optimized service turnaround, planning and forecasting, visibility of tools, parts, spares, resource, SLA/ KPI monitoring, repair milestone becomes critical. Equally important is real-time and historic data on planned vs actuals for understanding the deviation in the timeline, process and causes that led to it, enabling management and shop floor engineer’s likewise to optimize, estimate, forecast better for its current and future contractual obligation.

TrackIT designed and developed EnTrackMRO: WIP tracking and Analytics to enhance visibility, maximizes efficiency and enable management with decision support tools to continuously improve service quality, turnaround and overall client experience. Automatic identification technologies like RFID make a significant difference in supply chain visibility, compliance, job-order processing, parts tracking, SLA monitoring, resource optimization in Operations. EnTrackMRO integrates smoothly with existing MRO/ERP systems resulting in a seamless data flow.

EnTrackMRO provides that edge along with predictive analytics and AI powered process models to revolutionize MRO operations.

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